Polyester Solutions

Shinkong synthetic PET fiber products can mainly be categorized into industrial yarn, partially oriented yarn (POY), Spin draw yarn (SDY), polyester staple fiber (PSF), and draw textured yarn (DTY). The following lists the applications of various products:

Functional fibers:

  1. Green fibers
  2. Multifunctional fibers (anti-UV, anti-bacterial, perspiration absorbing and quick dry fibers, three-in-one fibers)
  3. Wavetech Profile fibers (excellent cotton-like texture and handling)
  4. Anti-pilling staple fibers (hollow and cruciform)
  5. Specialized 4T cross section drawn and staple fibers (able to adjust and improve microclimates within the woven material)
  6. Waterproof fiber
  7. Dual-colored (mixed color) mélange series
  8. Flexible fibers
  9. Ultrafine conjugated fibers (sea/island (S/I), tangerine split, sheath/core (S/C), and side by side)

Recycled PET Yarn


An environment-friendly fiber

environmentally friendly fibers mostly made using recycled PET bottles. Specialized polymerization spinning technologies were then employed to produce high quality recycled PET fibers.

Recycling of PET bottles can help slow global warming and save our planet by reducing environmental pollution, cutting back on fossil fuel and energy consumption, and decreasing CO2 emissions. SSFC has been a long-term supporter of environmental protection and has made green policies and management our top corporate priority. It is hoped that our products and management methods will help contribute towards the preservation of our planet’s natural world.


  • Work uniform, shirts, jackets, skorts, suits, undergarments, aerobics wear, polo shirts
  • Hats, gloves, socks, towels, healthcare apparel, sheet, and blanket covers